Co-Extrusion Tooling Striping Attachment

Versatile Tool Co-extrudes 1-4 Stripes

Striping has historically been used to add functionality, provide identification,
and improve aesthetics. Medical tubing with barium stripes is widely used
for x-ray imaging. Working with multi-strand wire or cable configurations is
easiest, and safest, when material is striped. And striped wire in consumer
products has long been used to improve appearance, simplify assembly,
or provide other benefits.  Today, co-extrusion striping has replaced most
older and less efficient methods, and co-extrusion tooling is the technology
of choice for most applications.

B&H Tool offers a cost-effective extrusion striping attachment for the
co-extrusion of a single, dual, triple or “quad” stripe. The extrusion
striping attachment installs quickly between the die holder and barrel body. 
It is compatible with all adjustable center crossheads and in-line dies used
for insulating wire, jacketing cable, and extruding a medical or industrial tube.

The extrusion striping attachment allows the stripe to be embedded in
a tube or jacket, or extruded on the outside.  Striping attachments are
available for low temperature and high temperature applications.

The striping attachment can be retrofitted to existing B&H crossheads
and in-line dies or purchased with new assemblies. An extended range
core tube can be supplied where added length is needed.

B&H specializes in innovative striping solutions. Whether your application
is tracer wire, machine tool wire, appliances, blasting wire, cathodic protection,
or other products, we can help you identify the striping attachment and
related tooling that’s best for your application, or assist with the design,
development and testing of a custom solution for your striping requirement.    

Contact B&H today for solutions to your
striping requirement challenges.