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Head Assembly Trial Provides Risk-Free
Opportunity to Boost Extrusion Quality

B&H Tool Company has introduced a no-risk, 60-day trial of their market-leadine extrusion head assembly. This head assembly design is used worldwide by manufacturers of insulated wire, jacketed cable, tubing, hose, pipe and profiles for the precise extrusion of thermoplastics, fluoropolymers and silicones.

How it Works
B&H will provide an extrusion head assembly, tailored to the extruded material, and tasks specified by the user. As the worldwide leader in extrusion tooling, we are committed to exceeding your expectations as we help you optimize your extrusion process.

The customer agrees to test the head assembly during the trial period to ensure it meets predetermined performance and process specifications.

The B&H Trial Program is the first of its kind, and offers users a risk-free way to evaluate and compare its distinctive extrusion head assembly. Unique in the industry, the B&H design has a proven ability to establish and maintain extrusion process stability. Regardless of the task, the B&H assembly can lower the life-cycle cost of tooling, optimize the quality and consistency of extruded product, and reduce set-up and scrap – while often facilitating faster line speeds.

The B&H Trial program is offered to qualified extruders worldwide at the discretion of B&H Tooling. Ancillary products, such as adapters, tooling and heaters, are the responsibility of the user.

B&H head assemblies set the standard for extrusion performance.

We deliver the results you're looking for!

  • Greater Process Stability
  • Tighter ID/OD Tolerances
  • Faster Line Speeds
  • Increased Concentricity
  • Reduced Material Waste

For complete program details, contact B&H Tool Company at (800) 272-8878, or (760) 471-8949. Or, for the name of the extrusion support specialist in your area, contact Peter Neville at